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Don’t let this video clip be all you see of HAIRSPRAY!

SBMT’s production of HAIRSPRAY is a hit! Patrons tell us “In one word … WOW!” and “What an incredible show!” In fact, they say it’s “Just delightful!”

Get a glimpse of our energetic cast in this preview video.

In fact, the show is so energetic and exciting that tickets for our final two weekends are selling out FAST. So if you want to see more than just these video clips from our fantastic production, then you’d better order tickets TODAY! Go to SBMT’s website or call 408-266-4734 now!

Don't get caught without tickets to the Big Doll House -- order now!

Don’t get caught without tickets to the Big Doll House — order now!



Cast for FIORELLO! Announced

SBMT is happy to announce the cast for our Fall show, FIORELLO! Playing Sep. 19 through Oct. 10, 2015, the show is the first of our 2015-16 season. Producer is Jay Steele, and Director is C. Michael Traw. Order your season tickets now for the best seats to all our shows this season! Go to or call 408-266-4734.


Fiorello LaGuardia – Tim Reynolds
Marie – Glenna Murillo
Thea – Elizabeth McClelland
Morris Cohen – Michael Cuddy
Neil – Richard Portune
Dora – Jen Wheatonfox
Floyd – Ron Packard
Ben Marino – Jeffrey Henson
Mitzi Travers – Kayvon Kordestani
Mrs. Pomerantz – Dina Jacobson

Ben’s Hacks
David Bohn
Danny Burns
Rob Hodges
Mike Hugill
Steve Sammonds
Thomas Times

Mitzi’s Dancers
Kristen Ivers-Williams
Collette O’Bannion
Alexis Taylor Maiwald

Male Ensemble
Michael Brothers
Bill Ereñeta
Ronnie Grigsby
Kevin Nickelson
Zé Spencer
Jeff Tuttle

Female Ensemble
Becky Brownson
Me’shell Gomez
Sarah Kane
Michelle  Krzaszczak
Deborah Roth
Karen Marie Squires Sanders