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Audiences agree: See FIORELLO!

SBMT’s FIORELLO got off to a grand start last weekend. Audience members had this to tell us about the show:

A wealth of talent that seems to go on and on.

Tim Reynolds and Glenna Murillo created excellently crafted and believable characters, with a wide-range of emotional nuance. … Michael Cuddy, who always has impeccable comedic timing, walked away with every scene he was in. Jen Wheatonfox is amazing!

My wife and I are very pleased to have discovered SBMT. We enjoyed your production of Fiorello very much.

Find out what they’re talking about! Go to for tickets and show times. Don’t miss out!


Preview night on September 18 was time for producer Jay Steele to announce cast and staff awards, including the Director’s Technical Award from C. Michael Traw to Ginny Koester, the Bobo Reardon Newcomer Award to Camille Leach, and the Gypsy Robe Award to Mike Hugill (photos below). Also, Laura Shea-Clark received the Orchestra Award, and Barbara Heninger the Producer’s Award.

DSC03040 DSC03048 DSC03067

The opening night party on September 19 saw cast and audience members dressed up and enjoying delicious treats on the plaza after the show.


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AUDITIONS for Forever Plaid and Jerry’s Girls


SBMT will hold auditions in October for our Winter show FOREVER PLAID, and for our special 2-show performance of JERRY’S GIRLS.

Auditions are scheduled for Sunday October 4th 6pm – 9pm and Monday October 5th 7pm – 10pm. Callbacks will be held on Saturday October 10th 10am – 4pm. Please click one of the links below for more information and to sign up for an audition slot.

FOREVER PLAID plays January 30 – February 21, 2016.

Audition sign-up:

Producers: Jennifer Kohler, Walter M. Mayes
Director: Mark Drumm
Musical Director: Bob Sunshine
Vocal Director: Diane Milo
Choreographer: Marc Gonzalez

JERRY’S GIRLS plays on February 13 and 20 at 2:30pm (2 shows only)

Audition sign-up:

Producer: Walter M. Mays
Director: Nancy McClymont
Musical Director: Matthew Mattei
Choreographer: Kayvon Kordestani

Meet some Fiorello cast members — and get tickets for Opening Night!

Opening Night for SBMT’s FIORELLO is only a few days away – we open on Saturday, September 19! The cast and crew are looking forward to sharing this wonderful show with you. The tune-filled story about New York’s Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia as he fights political corruption — and finds love along the way — will surprise you with its humor, its energy, and above all its big heart.

And our opening night gala will delight you with delicious hot and cold treats and a champagne celebration following the show. Make sure you get your tickets now for this special event! Go to for show times and to order tickets.

Want to know a little more about the show? A few of the cast members share their insights below.

Jen Wheatonfox

Role: Dora

Why are you excited about being in Fiorello?

I love that there are several really meaty roles for women in this show. That doesn’t happen often. My character, Dora, is very animated and (hopefully!) comedic, but I’m also finding so much joy in discovering her more poignant moments throughout the story. The show is a brilliantly-crafted piece of work.

I also feel like it’s such an asset that most people have never seen this show, so the actors get to really create their own interpretations of the lives of the characters, without the audience having many pre-conceived notions.

What’s the most important thing you think audiences should know about this show?

I think it will be much more interesting for people to know a little about Fiorello La Guardia before they come see the show. For a start, he was a real person, and the play is actually based on real events in his life. He was a NYC mayor, who, throughout his life, felt compelled to actually take action to correct what he perceived as the ills of society. He was sort of like a real-life Superhero for the underdog, in a quirky little 5′ 2″ package.

The cast is super-talented and magically delicious. Everywhere I turn, someone is either saying something in a new or even funnier way, reacting spontaneously, singing a gorgeous song, or fleshing out the role in which they’ve been cast so perfectly.

Why do you perform in community theater?

I get bored with myself, so I enjoy transforming into a different person for a couple of hours a day.

What can we all learn from Fiorello’s story?

The story, for the most part, is uplifting. La Guardia, to me, represents the hope (and the reality, in Fiorello’s case) that one person can make a difference in the world. I think it’s it’s important to remember, exactly 100 years after this story begins, on this eve of an election year, that the struggle for integrity, truth, and equality is worth the fight.

Steve Sammonds
Sammonds Headshot

Role: Political Hack

Why are you excited about being in Fiorello?

Fiorello is a show most people have not seen or perhaps are even aware exists.  So we have an opportunity to give audiences a show which is both old and new. I was not familiar at all with this show and quickly grew to love the music, especially “‘Til Tomorrow” and, of course, the three numbers by the Hacks.

What’s the most important thing you think audiences should know about this show?

It is difficult to just pick one thing as the most important. It is one of only eight musicals to receive the coveted Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and won the Tony for Best Musical in 1960 in a tie with The Sound of Music. So you have a musical that was regarded at the time as highly as The Sound of Music and won the Pulitzer in a year that included the plays “The Miracle Worker” and “A Raisin in the Sun.” This truly is one of the best shows many have never seen.

Why do you perform in community theater?

I did some plays and one musical in high and college. Most of my hobby time as an adult, however, has been with the Barbershop Harmony Society. But theater has always been something I have wanted to get back into.  This is my fourth show in two years. Community theater has now become my primary creative outlet. I love to perform, but I also love the creative process during rehearsals, collaborating with fellow actors and the creative team, and making a whole new circle of friends. The theater is exhilarating and fun, but the “community” part of it is just as important.

What can we all learn from Fiorello’s story?

This is the story of Fiorello LaGuardia during the years before he became one of New York City’s most famous mayors. What we can learn is the other important thing audiences should know about this show, which is that one individual can make a difference. Though the story starts about a century ago, it really is amazing how much of LaGuardia’s story still resonates today. It is always interesting and informative to reflect on a slice of our history. Hopefully some people will leave the show wanting to learn more about this man’s fascinating life.

Dina Jacobson
DSC00128 - Copy

Role: Mrs. Pomerantz

Why are you excited about being in Fiorello?

It’s so much fun to be in a show. So different from my work existence and a great creative outlet.

What’s the most important thing you think audiences should know about this show?

Audiences do not need to know anything before seeing the show. The show give a great high level view into the life of a great man. He championed the “little guy” and loved his city. They will be happily surprised to learn of a time when Republicans could be moderate.

Why do you perform in community theater?

Community theatre is very different from my “real” job. It provides a great outlet & release. There’s nothing more fun than performing and connecting with similar people who love to perform. Community theatre truly is for the joy.