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Meet the Plaids! Week Four: Smudge

New Year’s Eve is around the corner – and that means our next show, FOREVER PLAID, is around the corner as well. Make sure you get your tickets now for this hilarious nostalgic romp through songs of the 1950s. Go to for tickets and information.

Meanwhile, let’s meet the fourth member of the PLAIDS!

David Murphy: “Smudge”

David Murphy as Smudge

David Murphy as Smudge

Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid?

It’s a super-challenging show, first off. The harmonies are tricky enough, and the fact that you have to learn so much material (and dancing, and lines, and movement, and…) just makes it even tougher. Plaid is definitely one of the hardest shows I’ve ever done, and that’s what excited me about it—the whirlwind aspect of it all. That, and I do like the style a lot, though I can’t say I own a ton of plaid clothing. Or, well, any plaid clothing.

What do you love most about portraying your character?

Smudge is constantly nervous, which is pretty much going to be method acting for me once we start running the show.

What attracted you to join an SBMT production? Why do you perform in community theatre?

I really enjoy the collaboration — working with other incredibly talented people to create incredible moments on stage (or behind-the-scenes, I suppose).

What do you think audiences will be most excited to see in this production?

Lady of Spain, which will likely be my least favorite song to do in the entire show since I haven’t been keeping up with my cardio lately. Oof.

David Murphy (Smudge) is excited to make his debut as a Plaid. Other favorite roles include Lurch (The Addams Family, PAP); Karl the Giant (Big Fish, PAP, regional premiere); Jud Fry (Oklahoma!, WVLO), where he won an ERMA award for Best Character Actor; Caiaphas (Jesus Christ Superstar, WVLO); Dr. Fogg (Sweeney Todd, Redwood Symphony); and Olin Britt (The Music Man, BBB). David is a member of South Bay Musical Theatre’s Board of Directors and is the Production Manager at Palo Alto Players. You can next catch him in Berkeley Playhouse’s spring production of The Addams Family (mruhuughughghh). In his copious amount of free time—around 17–20 minutes each day—he hangs out with his cat, Colbert.


Casting Announcement for Gypsy


South Bay Musical Theatre is pleased to announce the cast list for our upcoming production of GYPSY this summer. Thanks to everyone who auditioned!

GYPSY Cast List

Rose – Molly Thornton
Herbie – Tim Reynolds
Gypsy – Marlene Berner
Dainty June – Rhona McFayden
Uncle Jocko – Steve Sammonds
Georgie – Mike Saenz
Baby June – Felicia Chang
Young Louise – Zoe Wheatonfox
Pop – Scott Knaster
Weber – Sven Schultz

Will Giblin, Nic Garcia, Skyler Andrews

Older Newsboys
Tulsa – TBA
LA – Michael Cai
Yonkers – Elmer Min
Angie – Kevin Jasper

Additional Farmboys
Mike Saenz, Sven Schutz

Kringeline – TBA
Goldstone – Jeff Tuttle
Cratchitt – Barbara Heninger

Hollywood Blondes
Agnes – Rosanna Weigant
Jennifer Kohler
Alexis Maiwald
Elizabeth Moore
Angelique Shepard
Lillian Kautz

Cigar – Dave Leon
Pastey – TBA

Tessie Tura/kids’ mother – Karen DeHart
Mazeppa/kids’ mother – Kayvon Kordestani
Electra – Barbara Heninger

Renee (maid) – Alexis Maiwald
Press Agent (Phil) – Jeff Tuttle
Photographer – Steve Sammonds

Meet the Plaids! Week Three: Jinx

It’s beginning to look a lot like … FOREVER PLAID time! If you’re looking for holiday gifts, remember that a stocking filled with tickets to PLAID will make your loved ones happy! Shop online at

Want to help out behind the scenes? Sign ups are now open for lobby ushering and concessions. Go to for more details and to sign up.

And now, it’s time to meet the third member of our quartet:

Matthew Hall: “Jinx”

Matthew Hall as Jinx

Matthew Hall as Jinx

Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid?

I’m excited for the chance to step into my biggest role yet and to belt out some seriously fun songs with three enormously talented guys.

What do you love most about portraying your character?

I can channel my own nervousness into Jinx’s nervousness, which really helps me make the character come alive. I also get to sing melody most of the time 😉

What attracted you to join an SBMT production? Why do you perform in community theatre?

I was mostly attracted to this show because of the great songs and because I already had the haircut. I perform in community theatre because it’s a safe place for weird people to be weird together.

What do you think audiences will be most excited to see in this production?

It’s a toss-up between “Crazy ‘Bout You Baby” and “Lady of Spain.”

Matt Hall is excited to perform in his first SBMT show! His favorite roles include “Rev. Parris” in The Crucible, “‘All aboard!’ guy” in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and “Frightened Inmate #2” in New Warden. In addition to theater, he enjoys craft beer, properly-cooked scrambled eggs, and being a husband and dad. He would like to thank his beautiful, kind, and (very) patient wife for supporting him in his theatrical endeavours.

Meet the Plaids! Week Two: Frankie

Have you got your tickets yet for FOREVER PLAID? Our opening night on January 30 will be extra special — with food, champagne, and fun! Order now and surprise someone with a PLAID ticket for Christmas!

And now it’s that time again – time to meet another of our four Plaids!

Derek DeMarco: “Frankie”

Derek DeMarco as Francis (Frankie)

Derek DeMarco as Francis (Frankie)

Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid?

I am so excited to be a part of this Production of Forever Plaid! Since moving to California a couple of years ago, it has been a slow process of finding new groups to replace former theater families. This production has been a delight – from the cast, to the crew, and the membership at large, everyone has been warm and welcoming. The show itself is one of my favorites! It has been an amazing experience to sing with my talented cast mates, and I can’t wait to hear what we sound like come performance time!

What do you love most about portraying your character?

“Nothing feels as good as being inside a nice tight chord!” This line sums up Frankie’s unabashed love of music, and his delight at creating the perfect sound with his band of merry men. I have always loved music, and it such a treat to be playing someone who revels in it as well. I also have always wished that I had my own vocal group to perform with, so this show is a way to, even if only temporarily, realize that dream!

What attracted you to join an SBMT Production? Why do you perform in community theatre? 

I have been doing community theater since I was seven years old. I originally got involved because an aunt of mine performed on a regular basis, and I just never looked back. Sharing experiences with people create bonds that last lifetimes, and theater, specifically musical theater, is where my heart is happiest. This is the first time I have worked with SBMT, and the chance to be a part of this production was what brought me to the group. The talent and professionalism of all the members has convinced me that I will need to come back!

What do you think audiences will be most excited to see in this production?

My hope is when audiences are watching us, they will be excited each time a song starts that they know and love – that they settle in for the show and get swept up in the innocent delight of the characters so before they know it, the closing number is getting started. I hope that people who have fond memories of the songs we sing will be taken back to the times when those memories were made, and that for a little while at least, we can leave the present behind.

Derek has been in various theatrical productions since he was very young. Some of his favorite roles have included Lumiere in Beauty & the Beast, Pilate and Peter in two different productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Enjolras in Les Miserables, and Lloyd in Noises Off.

Meet the Plaids! Week One: Sparky

Thinking about a unique gift to get that special someone? How about tickets to SBMT’s next show, FOREVER PLAID? It’s a tuneful tribute to music of the 1950s, sung by a terrific men’s quartet, the “Plaids.” The show plays January 30 to February 21, 2016, and we guarantee a toe-tapping time for all. Tickets make great stocking stuffers! Go to to order yours now.

And while you’re thinking about how many tickets to order, why not meet one of our cast members? For the next four weeks we’ll feature each of our charming gents. Today – meet Will Perez!

Will Perez: “Sparky”

Will Perez as "Sparky"

Will Perez as “Sparky”

Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid?

This is my third go at “Forever Plaid” and I’m excited to say I now have had the opportunity to do three roles ( Frankie, Jinx and now Sparky). I love singing four-part harmony but what really made me decide to audition for Plaid was simply the music. Growing up I had older parents so listening to this type of music in my household was the norm. With both my mom and dad now gone from this earth, this music really hits home for me even more.

What do you love most about portraying your character?

Playing Sparky so far has been fun. I get to, so call, “let loose” a little more on stage … Be somewhat of a clown … Off stage I kinda do the same at times, so Sparky has been fun so far…

What attracted you to join an SBMT Production? Why do you perform in community theatre?

I have performed in over 8 productions with SBMT. I’ve become acquainted with staff and have made MANY theater friends. During the day I consider my “real job” a “real job,” so when I do theater I get a chance to “play” on stage, become someone different for a few hours, and to forget about my real life for just a while. Although there is a lot of time and dedication and work involved in putting up a show, I still consider it something fun I like to do as an outlet in life.

What do you think audiences will be most excited to see in this production?

This production, both for young [audiences] but especially for our older generation, will, I feel, really bring them back to a time when life was a lot simpler. To see how four-guy groups back then were a lot more humble and how they looked at life back then. To give the audience a bit of a laugh, a cry, and some emotion with this type of music is what I consider Real music, and what music was all about.

Will Perez is pleased to be back on one of his favorite stages in the Bay Area: SBMT! He has made several appearances with SMBT over the years but his most recent was in CURTAINS. By day he is a Clinical Manager in the field of Laser Vision Correction in his hometown of San Jose. Will’s favorite roles and shows include, Eric (Death Takes a Holiday), Victor (Smokey Joe’s Café), Frankie and Jinx (Forever Plaid) and The Del Tones (Breaking Up Is Hard to Do); Young Joe Hardy (Damn Yankees), and many more ! He would like to “Plaidly” thank his Family and friends for their support and is excited to be back with SBMT!