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Noir is near! Some audition slots still open for CITY OF ANGELS


Take a walk on the noir side! Some audition slots are still available for SBMT’s Fall production of CITY OF ANGELS this weekend. Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 20, 2016 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Saratoga Civic Theater, 13777 Fruitvale Avenue (corner of Fruitvale and Allendale), Saratoga,
CA 95070.

Sign up now to audition. Lots of roles, big and small, for all types (see below). Don’t be left out!

Director: Doug Brook
Producer: Jay Steele
Musical Director: Dan Singletary
Vocal Director: Diane Milo
Choreographer: Kayvon Kordestani

Blue = Real-world character  || Black = Reel-world character


Stine – (35-45, baritone, G# to G) A novelist battling Hollywood, trying to stay true to himself. Envies his hero, Stone.
Stone – (35-45, baritone, G# to F) Hero of Stine’s novel and film. A tough ex-cop turned private eye. Irresistible.
Buddy Fidler || Irwin S. Irving – (40-60, baritone, C to Eb) Hollywood director/producer. || Unpleasant movie mogul.
Werner Kriegler || Luther Kingsley – (60-75) A Hollywood actor. || Alaura’s husband, lives in an iron lung.
Gerald Pierce || Peter Kingsley – (20s) A Hollywood actor. || Alaura’s stepson. Good-looking, callow.
Pancho Vargas || Lt. Munoz – (35-50, baritone, D to F#) A jovial actor. || A police detective. Stone’s ex-partner.
Gene || Officer Pasco – (20s-40s) An assistant director. || A policeman.
Gilbert || Dr. Mandril – (30s-50s) A barber. || A religious leader. Mr. Kingsley’s spiritual therapist.
Jimmy Powers – (20s-30s, tenor, C to G) A young crooner. Good-looking, popular, aspiring movie star.
Del Dacosta || Mahoney – (30-50) A songwriter. || A Hollywood reporter.
Jack || Harlan Yamato – (30-60) A Hollywood cinematographer. || An L.A. county coroner.
Shoeshine || Commissioner Gaines – (30-50) A Hollywood studio employee. || Police commissioner.
Angel City Four; baritone (G to G#) & tenor (D# to B) – (any age) Quartet singers similar in style to The Manhattan Transfer; a Greek Chorus in both worlds.
Studio Cop || Big Six – (30s-50s) A Hollywood studio employee. || A thug, a mountain of a man. The muscle.
Studio Cop || Sonny – (30s-40s) A studio employee. || A smaller thug, as menacing as Big Six. The brains.


Gabby || Bobbi – (30s-40s, mezzo, Eb to F) Stine’s wife. Beautiful, wise, suspicious of Stine. || A nightclub singer. Stone’s ex-wife. Troubled past and present.
Donna || Oolie – (30s-40s, mezzo, G to F) Buddy’s wise-cracking secretary. || Stone’s secretary. Perfect girl Friday.
Carla Haywood || Alaura Kingsley – (30s-40s, mezzo, G to E) Buddy’s wife. Beautiful, successful actress. || A femme fatale. The kind of face a man could hang a dream on, a body that made Venus Di Milo look all thumbs.
Avril Raines || Mallory Kingsley – (20s, mezzo, G# to B) A lovely starlet. || Alaura’s stepdaughter. Troubled, sensual, secretive.
Stand-In || Margaret – (20s-50s) A Hollywood studio employee. || A maid at the Kingsley mansion.
Hairdresser || Anna; Margie – (20s-40s) A Hollywood studio employee. || A masseuse; a brothel keeper.
Angel City Four; alto (A to D) & soprano (A to A) – (any age) Quartet singers similar in style to The Manhattan Transfer; a Greek Chorus in both worlds.
Women of Hollywood || Women of the film – (various ages/types) An ensemble of players who play various roles in both worlds.