GYPSY Earns Top Reviews – And Forbidden Broadway Beckons

Molly Thornton as Mama Rose

Molly Thornton as Mama Rose

Audiences and critics agree, SBMT’s production of GYPSY is a hit! Take a break from your Memorial Day festivities to see the show this weekend, May 27 through 30, or join us for shows in June (3, 4, 5, 9, 10, or 11). Tickets available NOW at

Marlene Berner (Louise), Molly Thornton (Mama Rose), and Tim Reynolds (Herbie) perform "Together"

Marlene Berner (Louise), Molly Thornton (Mama Rose), and Tim Reynolds (Herbie) perform “Together”

Critics rave:

Molly Thornton sparkles in ‘Gypsy’

“I have seen Gypsy four times, once on Broadway with Merman and three other productions throughout the years and Molly Thornton’s Rose in this production is as close to Merman as you will get in this lifetime. …

“Marlene Berner as Louise sheds her dumpy awkward persona by accident with a push from Rose to become the sleek, clever, grand, Gypsy Rose Lee. …

“South Bay Musical Theatre gives a heartfelt production of Gypsy. Molly Thornton scintillates; her performance is an experience theatre lovers should not miss.”

Gilroy Dispatch

This Gypsy is headlined by a Rose who will once again knock the socks off her audience

“I am here to say that not only does South Bay Musical Theatre’s Molly Thornton join a long line of Roses, she takes her place with full acting gusto and vocal bravado. …

“Tim Reynolds brings a fully pleasing voice in song and a charming, endearing demeanor with twinkles in his eyes for Rose’s daughters and resignation in his shoulders for Rose’s delayed “yes” to his ongoing proposals for marriage. …

“As Louise, Marlene Berner … has her own diva moment in various stages of elegant dress and undress as she finally leaves timid, no-talent Louise behind to bring a full, mature, and invigorating voice to “Let Me Entertain You.”

“In this large cast of over twenty-five, every actor brings pizzazz and personality as well as voices that sell their songs and roles. … much applause is due this fine cast and its starring, stunning Rose. …

South Bay Musical Theatre has brought to its local audience a Gypsy well worth seeing and one that will leave big smiles, humming voices, and a full heart with every exiting patron. “

Talkin’ Broadway (Regional)


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