Our thanks to YOU!

On this Thanksgiving Day, 2016, we at South Bay Musical Theatre would like to take a moment to thank YOU.


We thank our tireless volunteers for hours of work producing, directing, rehearsing, and performing in shows. This includes the many hours spent designing and building sets, hanging lights and building light cues, designing and running sound, creating and maintaining costumes and wigs, managing the ‘organized craziness’ behind the curtains, overseeing tickets sales and the front of the house, choreographing dances, rehearsing vocals, performing in orchestras, singing, dancing, acting, and all the countless tasks that go into creating a live theatrical performance. THANK YOU!

We thank our audiences for their enthusiastic support in cheering on these efforts and joining us to create the magic of live theater. THANK YOU!

We thank our donors — volunteers, audience members, foundations, and corporations — for their generous support and belief in South Bay Musical Theatre. THANK YOU!

It takes a village to create theatrical art. We are proud to be part of the South Bay ‘village,’ and hope that you are, too. THANK YOU for your creativity, energy, and commitment.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Barbara Heninger
Chair, South Bay Musical Theatre Board of Directors

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