Meet the Plaids! Week Four: Smudge

New Year’s Eve is around the corner – and that means our next show, FOREVER PLAID, is around the corner as well. Make sure you get your tickets now for this hilarious nostalgic romp through songs of the 1950s. Go to for tickets and information.
Meanwhile, let’s meet the fourth member of the PLAIDS!

David Murphy: “Smudge”

David Murphy as Smudge

David Murphy as Smudge

Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid?
It’s a super-challenging show, first off. The harmonies are tricky enough, and the fact that you have to learn so much material (and dancing, and lines, and movement, and…) just makes it even tougher. Plaid is definitely one of the hardest shows I’ve ever done, and that’s what excited me about it—the whirlwind aspect of it all. That, and I do like the style a lot, though I can’t say I own a ton of plaid clothing. Or, well, any plaid clothing.
What do you love most about portraying your character?
Smudge is constantly nervous, which is pretty much going to be method acting for me once we start running the show.
What attracted you to join an SBMT production? Why do you perform in community theatre?
I really enjoy the collaboration — working with other incredibly talented people to create incredible moments on stage (or behind-the-scenes, I suppose).
What do you think audiences will be most excited to see in this production?
Lady of Spain, which will likely be my least favorite song to do in the entire show since I haven’t been keeping up with my cardio lately. Oof.
David Murphy (Smudge) is excited to make his debut as a Plaid. Other favorite roles include Lurch (The Addams Family, PAP); Karl the Giant (Big Fish, PAP, regional premiere); Jud Fry (Oklahoma!, WVLO), where he won an ERMA award for Best Character Actor; Caiaphas (Jesus Christ Superstar, WVLO); Dr. Fogg (Sweeney Todd, Redwood Symphony); and Olin Britt (The Music Man, BBB). David is a member of South Bay Musical Theatre’s Board of Directors and is the Production Manager at Palo Alto Players. You can next catch him in Berkeley Playhouse’s spring production of The Addams Family (mruhuughughghh). In his copious amount of free time—around 17–20 minutes each day—he hangs out with his cat, Colbert.

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