Meet the Plaids! Week One: Sparky

Thinking about a unique gift to get that special someone? How about tickets to SBMT’s next show, FOREVER PLAID? It’s a tuneful tribute to music of the 1950s, sung by a terrific men’s quartet, the “Plaids.” The show plays January 30 to February 21, 2016, and we guarantee a toe-tapping time for all. Tickets make great stocking stuffers! Go to to order yours now.
And while you’re thinking about how many tickets to order, why not meet one of our cast members? For the next four weeks we’ll feature each of our charming gents. Today – meet Will Perez!

Will Perez: “Sparky”

Will Perez as "Sparky"

Will Perez as “Sparky”

Why are you excited to be in Forever Plaid?
This is my third go at “Forever Plaid” and I’m excited to say I now have had the opportunity to do three roles ( Frankie, Jinx and now Sparky). I love singing four-part harmony but what really made me decide to audition for Plaid was simply the music. Growing up I had older parents so listening to this type of music in my household was the norm. With both my mom and dad now gone from this earth, this music really hits home for me even more.
What do you love most about portraying your character?
Playing Sparky so far has been fun. I get to, so call, “let loose” a little more on stage … Be somewhat of a clown … Off stage I kinda do the same at times, so Sparky has been fun so far…
What attracted you to join an SBMT Production? Why do you perform in community theatre?
I have performed in over 8 productions with SBMT. I’ve become acquainted with staff and have made MANY theater friends. During the day I consider my “real job” a “real job,” so when I do theater I get a chance to “play” on stage, become someone different for a few hours, and to forget about my real life for just a while. Although there is a lot of time and dedication and work involved in putting up a show, I still consider it something fun I like to do as an outlet in life.
What do you think audiences will be most excited to see in this production?
This production, both for young [audiences] but especially for our older generation, will, I feel, really bring them back to a time when life was a lot simpler. To see how four-guy groups back then were a lot more humble and how they looked at life back then. To give the audience a bit of a laugh, a cry, and some emotion with this type of music is what I consider Real music, and what music was all about.
Will Perez is pleased to be back on one of his favorite stages in the Bay Area: SBMT! He has made several appearances with SMBT over the years but his most recent was in CURTAINS. By day he is a Clinical Manager in the field of Laser Vision Correction in his hometown of San Jose. Will’s favorite roles and shows include, Eric (Death Takes a Holiday), Victor (Smokey Joe’s Café), Frankie and Jinx (Forever Plaid) and The Del Tones (Breaking Up Is Hard to Do); Young Joe Hardy (Damn Yankees), and many more ! He would like to “Plaidly” thank his Family and friends for their support and is excited to be back with SBMT!

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