More Gypsies, a Video – and $10 Off!

GYPSY opens in only FOUR DAYS! We’re so excited to entertain you, we can barely wait. (See what we did there?) In fact, we have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for those who buy tickets NOW.

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Meanwhile, our cast has more to share with you.
First, Zoe Wheatonfox, “Young Louise,” provides a kid’s-eye view of the show in backstage interviews with the youngest members of our cast:

Kid's-eye View of GYPSY!

Kid’s-eye View of GYPSY!
Video link

Second, we have two more “blog-erviews” for you. Meet Felicia Chang and Scott Knaster!

Felicia Chang, “Baby June”

Felicia Chang as "Baby June," with Zoe Wheatonfox ("Young Louise")

Felicia Chang as “Baby June,” with Zoe Wheatonfox (“Young Louise”)

Why are you excited to be in Gypsy?
I am excited to be in Gypsy to play a role that is young and naive, a girl that is supposed to be around seven years of age. It will be a big challenge for me while I am a junior high school student. Not only do I need to sing like a young kid, but I also need to dance and act like one. It will be super fun and interesting.
What’s the most important thing you think audiences should know about the show?
I think the most important thing the audiences should know about the show is that everyone in the cast worked very hard and put a lot of effort in a show we hope you enjoy.
What attracted you to join an SBMT production? Why do you perform in community theatre?
I really like performing in the musical especially in the community theatre. By working with professional directors and actors, I can learn a lot from them in acting and singing. Besides, I can experience different cultures in different theatre companies and meet with new people. SBMT is very kind to cast children in Gypsy, and Elizabeth [our ‘child wrangler’] is also super nice to the kids. I really appreciate SBMT offering me this opportunity to be in the show.
Madam Rose’s favorite food is Chinese take-out. What’s YOURS, and why?
My favorite food is mac and cheese. I like to eat all different kinds of mac and cheese and will never be tired of it. The best one is Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle Pike Place Market. It’s very creamy and smells very good. Although I already drank a cup of Starbucks coffee and ate a big bowl of clam chowder, I still ate a super big bowl of  mac and cheese there. It’s really good.

Felicia Chang (Baby June) is so proud to be a part of the Gypsy cast at SBMT! Her past shows were Young Fiona in Shrek (Starstruck) Jane Banks in Mary Poppins (Woodminister), Belle in Beauty and the Beast (Stage 1), and Amaryllis in The Music Man (PCRT). Her hobbies are doing gymnastics and singing. She wants to thank her parents, especially her sister, Vivienne, for supporting her and encouraging her through hard times.

Scott Knaster, “Pop”

Scott Knaster (Pops) celebrates a fellow cast-member's birthday

Scott Knaster (Pop) celebrates a fellow cast-member’s birthday during Tech Weekend

Why are you excited to be in Gypsy?
It’s my first community theatre show ever! I’ve been doing family theatre for a couple of years, but this is all new to me, so I’m enjoying all the learning and the new experiences.
Like all great shows, it’s about basic human events and emotions. Gypsy seems to be about the woman who became Gypsy Rose Lee, and it is, but to me it’s really about mothers and daughters, and the complicated relationships that change over many years.
What attracted you to join an SBMT production? Why do you perform in community theatre?
I didn’t perform in theatre in high school or as a young adult. I’ve long sat in audiences thinking “That looks like fun. I wonder if I could…”. With Gypsy, I finally left the audience to get up on stage, and it’s been even more fun than I imagined.
To strip, or not to strip – that IS the question. Would YOU?
No. You’re welcome.

Scott Knaster (Pop) is thrilled to be in his first SBMT show! Scott is a relative newbie to performing who recently went from I’d-like-to-try-that to wow-this-is-awesome, getting his start at Playful People Productions. Scott has appeared in Guys & Dolls (Benny Southstreet), Peter Pan (Chief Tiger Bamboo), and the original mashups Twister (Oz gatekeeper), Arabian Nights (Genie), and Alice in La La Land (Wilshire Cat). Scott thanks Janie and the amazing company of Gypsy; Barb, Katie, and Carey for the addiction; Devi for inspiration; and Barbara for absolutely everything.

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