Meet some Fiorello cast members — and get tickets for Opening Night!

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Opening Night for SBMT's FIORELLO is only a few days away - we open on Saturday, September 19! The cast and crew are looking forward to sharing this wonderful show with you. The tune-filled story about New York's Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia as he fights political corruption -- and finds love along the way -- will surprise you with its humor, its energy, and above all its big heart. And our opening night gala will delight you with delicious hot and cold treats and a champagne celebration following the show. Make sure you get your tickets now for this special event! Go [...]

Meet the cast of Hairspray #4 – Phaedra and Phillip

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Here's number four in our series introducing members of the HAIRSPRAY cast: Meet Phaedra Tillery and Phillip Jaco. And hurry to buy your tickets - Sundays are close to sold out, and the other dates will go soon! Phaedra Tillery - Dynamite Phaedra Tillery Why are you excited about being in Hairspray? I am excited about being in Hairspray because being on stage is my passion. I was excited for the opportunity but as soon as we started rehearsal, the energy was great, the actors were great, the choreography is amazing, and the message in the play still [...]

Meet the cast of Hairspray #3: Anthony and April

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It's time for another pair of "blog-erviews" with our HAIRSPRAY cast and crew members. Meet Anthony Stephens and April Valenzuela! We move into the theatre this weekend ... so don't forget to order your tickets at Anthony Stephens - Sketch Anthony Stephens Why are you excited about being in Hairspray? Although I've performed in many musicals, dance is still something that I am not entirely well-versed in. The intricate dance numbers in this show are very challenging to me and sometimes out of my element. Having to remember harmonies while dancing all around the stage is challenging, but [...]

Meet the cast of Hairspray #2: Matt and Jennifer

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Here's round two of our posts about the cast and staff of HAIRSPRAY. Meet Matt Busbee (IQ) and Jennifer Medeiros (Pit Singer)! And don't forget to buy tickets at Matt Busbee: IQ Matt Busbee Why are you excited about being in Hairspray? Hairspray has been on my "must do" list of shows since I started doing theatre, and now that the time has come, I couldn't be more ecstatic! I have loved the music since the moment I heard it, and I'm so excited to be a part of such a joyful musical! Also, the dancing is a [...]

Meet the cast of Hairspray, #1: Kevin and Rachelle

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For the next few weeks, as we prepare HAIRPSRAY for our May 23 opening night, our SBMT blog will introduce members of the cast, staff, or crew. Up first: Kevin Cornelius, playing Edna Turnblad, and Rachelle Abbey, playing Penny Pingleton. (Buy Hairspray tickets at!) Kevin Cornelius: Edna Turnblad Kevin Cornelius tries on one of Edna's housedresses Why are you excited about being in Hairspray? I'm excited to have the chance to play such a wonderful role, Edna Turnblad, in a show that I love. I've been a fan of Hairspray since the original John Waters film, and when [...]

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