It's Opening Night for FOREVER PLAID!

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The PLAIDS are ready, and the doors are opening! Don't miss our grand gala opening night, TONIGHT, at the Saratoga Civic Theatre, 8 PM. There will be champagne, delicious snacks, and most importantly, beautiful four-part harmonies. A few tickets are left, at Here are our PLAIDS getting ready: Click here to see the video! The doors open SOON. Join us!

The Plaids – Cue to Cue

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The four Plaids ran through cue-to-cue this weekend. We're getting close to opening weekend on January 30. Grab your tickets NOW at ! Then check out our cue-to-cue video ... It's cue-to-CUTE! Click the thumbnail or this video link!

The PLAIDs are ready … are YOU?

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Look, it's the Plaids... helping to build our set for FOREVER PLAID. Click the picture or this video link! That's right, our Plaids are getting ready for the show. We open in just TWO WEEKS, on January 30. Want to help the Plaids yourself? Sign-ups are open now for lobby volunteers and ushers. Go to for more details and to sign up. And there's no time like the present to get your tickets to what promises to be a delightful evening of music and song. Order now at The Plaids are ready -- are you?

Don't let this video clip be all you see of HAIRSPRAY!

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SBMT's production of HAIRSPRAY is a hit! Patrons tell us "In one word ... WOW!" and "What an incredible show!" In fact, they say it's "Just delightful!" Get a glimpse of our energetic cast in this preview video. In fact, the show is so energetic and exciting that tickets for our final two weekends are selling out FAST. So if you want to see more than just these video clips from our fantastic production, then you'd better order tickets TODAY! Go to SBMT's website or call 408-266-4734 now! Don't get caught without tickets to the Big Doll House -- order [...]

You Can't Stop the Beat! Sneak Peek at HAIRSPRAY

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Take a sneak peek behind the scenes with this video about SBMT's latest show, "Hairspray." Hear from Director Walter Mayes, Vocal Director James Creer, and Stage Manager Emily Pye about what it takes to put on a dynamic, toe-tapping hit! Hairspray video on YouTube Then go out and buy your tickets now, before they sell out: We'll see you at the theater!

Meet some of the "Curtains" cast

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It's time to hear more about "Curtains" from the cast members. You may want to search this video for clues to "who done it" - but we won't give it away! And now it's time to get your tickets for the two remaining weekends before they sell out. We close on February 14 - order today! Go to for links to showtimes and ticket sales. "The Woman's Dead" - photo by Steve Stubbs    

Curtains – Behind the Set!

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It takes a theater village to put on a show. Watch our video as the cast and crew load in and assemble our set pieces. Hear interviews with Scenic Designer Stephen Wathen and Construction Head Jeffrey Henson about the Curtains set. And get a glimpse of the cast dancing and singing "Thataway" with Mary Melnick as Georgia Hendricks and Braden Taylor as Bobby Pepper. Video: Curtains runs from January 24 through February 14. C'mon 'thisaway' and get your tickets at! Cast and crew listen to Jeffrey Henson describe the set. Dave Leon and Jennifer Young pause during [...]

Get a sneak peek behind the Curtains

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Hear director Doug Brook introduce "Curtains," and watch the cast during early musical run-throughs. The high-energy musical comedy is also a classic who-dunnit murder mystery! Get tickets now at for the show, opening January 24 and playing through February 14 at the Saratoga Civic Theatre. Curtains - interview with Doug Brook (youtube)  

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